US criticizes terror attack in Jerusalem


JERUSALEM: In context of the militant attack in Old City, the US strongly criticized the attack on Saturday and stated it as “conquer” and purge of terrorism. Nearly two Israeli police officers lost their lives in the attack.

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“The public of the United States are inconsolable that militants brutally shot dead two Israeli police officers, and we widen our entreaty and sympathy to the kins of the victims. Moreover, the United States strongly criticize the militant attack,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer asserted.

Affirming that there must be zero forbearance for terrorism, Spicer stated it was unsuited with securing harmony.

“We must criticize it in the strongest terms, overpower it, and exterminate it,” he said.

“The attack enforced the government of Israel to provisionally shut down the Temple Mount/Haram al Sharif to carry out its probe. Israel has guaranteed the world that it has no purpose to change the position of this holy place, a verdict which the United States appreciates and welcomes,” he stated.

“We advise all leaders and people of good faith to be thoughtful as this process proceeds and achieve its finish,” Spicer asserted.

On Friday, Israeli policemen were also attacked by three Arabs in Jerusalem.

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Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just after the attack as anxiety rose in Jerusalems.