urad dal ladoo


Ingredients (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)

230 grams urad dal or 1 cup urad dal/black gram

70 grams sugar or ⅓ cup sugar (i used organic unrefined cane sugar)

80 grams ghee/clarified butter or ⅓ cup ghee at room temperature

3 to 4 green cardamoms

how to make the recipe:

roasting & preparing urad dal flour:

heat a thick bottomed pan or kadai on a low flame. then add 1 cup urad dal in it. if you want you can rinse the urad dal first. spread the lentils on a plate/tray/cloth. dry the lentils naturally or in sunlight. once the lentils have dried, then add them in the kadai. if you want you can add directly too.

keep the flame on low or sim and begin to roast the dal.

continue to stir often while roasting. keep on roasting and stirring for even browning and cooking. roasting urad dal well is very important or else there can be stomach aches.

the dal needs to be golden and become aromatic. your kitchen will smell with the aroma of roasted urad dal.

keep on stirring without a break once the dal begins to get light golden.

when the lentils become golden then cool them in the pan itself or you can remove the dal in a plate and let it cool.

once the lentils have become warm or cooled down, add them in a grinder jar. also add cardamom seeds removed from 3 to 4 green cardamom pods.

grind to a fine powder.

now take the urad dal flour in a fine seive.

begin to sift the flour on a plate or tray or a large bowl or pan.

keep the sifted urad dal flour aside.

grinding sugar:

in the same grinder, add ⅓ cup sugar.

grind sugar to a fine powder.

preparing ladoo mixture:

now add the powdered sugar to the urad dal flour. if you want you can even sift the sugar and then add.

mix very well.

now melt ⅓ cup ghee in a pan. you just need to melt the ghee and not heat it. if adding dry fruits, you can add some sliced or chopped dry fruits at this step and saute them in ghee till they become light golden.

add the melted ghee to urad dal + sugar mixture.

mix very well with a spatula or spoon.

the ladoo mixture will have a molten consistency and will be a bit fluid. now let this mixture cool down at room temperature and let the ghee solidify.

once the mixture becomes dense, then you can easily shape the mixture into ladoos.

make small to medium sized ladoos. from the warmth of your hands, the ladoos will soften while you shape them.

prepare ladoos like this with all of the mixture.

you can even offer these ladoos to the deities as naivedyam or serve to your family. store the remaining urad dal ladoos in an air tight box or jar and refrigerate.