Update! Jammu And Kashmir: 17 soldiers killed in Uri army camp attack


17 soldiers were killed and a few others injured when terrorist attacked an armed force camp in Jammu and Kashmir’s Uri town on Sunday morning, said protection sources.

The sources said the six injured soldiers were transported from the border town to the armed force’s base clinic in Srinagar city as heavy firing continued inside the camp which was attacked around 5.30 a.m. by fidayeen (suicide) activists.

“Shooters attacked the back base camp of an infantry unit and not the home office of 12 Brigade in Uri today (Sunday) morning which is posted hanging in the balance of Control (LoC),” the sources included.

In New Delhi, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh is accounted for to have wiped out his visit to Russia and the US. He has required an abnormal state meeting on Sunday to talk about the circumstance is Kashmir.