Some unknown facts about Shani Dev

  • Shani is the son of Surya

Shani is the child of Surya (Sun god) and Chaya (son of Sun god). He is additionally the sibling of Lord Yama (divine force of death). As a fervent lover of Lord Shiva, Shani was given the expert to remunerate or rebuff individuals for their great and awful deeds. Shani is regularly feared in crystal gazing since when Shani torments a horoscope, the individual endures misfortune. Here are some obscure truths about Shani Dev.

  • Is Shani Dev lame?

A legend says Shani kicked his non-permanent mother as a young man when she was postponing to sustain him. Thusly it is said she reviled him to wind up plainly weak in one leg. This is however typical. Shani moves gradually in the horoscope (29.5 years to finish one transformation around sun) when contrasted with different planets and this is the reason he is said to be Mandha (moderate moving) or faltering.

  • What is Sade Sati

Shani has a long circle around the sun and takes around 29.457 years to finish one revolution around the sun. Amid each pivot, Saturn visits all the zodiac signs in progression. Thus, Saturn visits a man’s horoscope once in like clockwork influencing them for around 7 and half years. This is called Sade Sati period. In each individual’s life, this period will come a few times. Seldom a long living individual can confront four Sade Sati periods moreover.

  • Why Sade Sati Period is for 7.5 years?

As a moderate moving planet, Shani remains for around 2.5 years in a zodiac sign. The impacts of Shani in a man’s horoscope begins 2.5 years before the landing of Shani and goes on for a long time more after Shani leaves for the following zodiac sign. Along these lines altogether the time of Shani’s impact on a zodiac sign is for a long time amid each cycle.

  • Why Shani is black?

Shani is the child of Lord Surya (sun god) and Chaya devi. At the point when Shani Dev was in the womb of His mom, Chaya was dependably serving her better half Surya. Because of the searing warmth of Surya, the youngster in the womb turned dark. That is the reason Shani dev is said to be dark in shading.

  • Sun misunderstands Shani dev

When Shani was conveyed by Chaya devi, Sun god looked at the new conceived child so affectionately. At the point when the infant was so dark in shading like charcoal, sun god was put down and was vigorously frustrated. Indeed, he questioned that another person was simply the father of Shani since Sun god himself was astonishing white in shading. This uncertainty and abuse infuriated Shani and he reviled his dad additionally to hand dark over shading. Later Lord Shiva settle the uncertainty of Surya and discloses to him Shani ended up noticeably dark in the womb because of Surya’s own warmth. Later both Surya and Shani built up a decent common comprehension.

  • Is Shani Dev truly cruel?

Not at all like the well known errors, Shani is never merciless to individuals. Truth be told Shani is viewed as the Lord of equity. Probably Shani’s positions in horoscope can bring hopelessness and mishap. Notwithstanding, the reality remains that Lord Shiva has given Shani the duty of fulfilling or rebuffing individuals according to their great or terrible deeds. In this way Shani is just giving the products of individuals’ activities. Truth be told when a man atones for his missteps and takes part in great deeds, Shani will effortlessly get pacified.

  • Shani Dev is a great devotee of Lord Shiva

Chaya devi, the mother of Shani was an enthusiastic aficionado of Lord Shiva. At the point when Shani was in her womb, she took to a somber life given to the love of Lord Shiva is full confidence and dedication. The pujas she performed and the mantras she droned were altogether seen by Shani from the womb and in this way Shani was a conceived enthusiast of Lord Shiva.

  • Shani will not trouble Hanuman’s devotees

When Ravan detained Shani and tormented him. Hanuman protected Shani from Ravan. Hanuman was a decent train of Sun god, the father of Shani. Consequently, Hanuman additionally strived difficult to clear the misconception amongst Surya and Shani. Thus, Shani guaranteed that he will be pleasant to Hanuman’s aficionados and no hopelessness will each inconvenience Hanuman’s fans notwithstanding amid the sade sati period.

  • Black Color and Shani Dev

Amid Shani puja and keeping in mind that meeting Shani sanctuaries, individuals more often than not wear dark garments. Shani is dark in shading and in this manner wearing dark dress is said to appease him. Dark shading urad dal and dark sesame seeds are offered to Shani dev amid puja and are likewise given to the penniless to win Shani’s gifts. Fasting on Shani puja and Saturdays is closed by eating the rice blended with urad dal and sesame seeds. Sesame oil is additionally utilized for lighting lights for Shani dev. Notwithstanding, dark things, calfskin and iron are not obtained on Saturdays.

  • Shani Dev is pleased with a disciplined life

Shani dev is a strict slave driver. By watching severities, not drinking liquor and not telling untruths, one can please Shani Dev. Shani dev likes foundations. Offering charity to poor people, giving garments, covers and footwear to individuals, giving dark dairy animals and bison to Brahmins and the destitute are certain approaches to win the favors of Shani dev.

  • Shani dev is also worshipped in other religions

Shani dev is likewise loved by Jains and Buddhists. Truth be told, Shani dev is indicated riding a tortoise in Buddhism.

  • Shani’s evil looks started right at his birth

Shani’s looks are said to make hardship individuals. At the point when Shani was conceived, he threw his looks on his dad Surya and quickly the Sun god went into an overshadowing period. Consequently the conviction that Saturn’s looks are insidious begun appropriate amid Shani’s introduction to the world.

  • Shani dev’s identity

The term Shani actually implies one who moves gradually. Shani dev is said to limp while moving since his mom reviled him when he was youthful. The diverse names of Shani are Saura, Krura-dris, Krura-lochana, Mandu, Pangu, Saptarchi and Asita. The statues of Shani-dev are demonstrated wearing blue or dark dress. Shani is dark in shading and rides a vulture or crow on an iron chariot drawn by eight steeds. The weapons Shani grasps are a bow, a bolt, a hatchet and a trident.