Some Unknown Facts About Bollywood Comedians And There Sons!


Bollywood has some of the world’s famous artists, who gave a new direction to the film world with their performance. And the number of those who like them are increasing with the day.

Here are the attractive sons of the actor the viewers are unaware of:

  1. Govinda: Actor Govinda has given a new angle to the films from his performances. But his son Yashvardan Ahuja is away from the movies right now.
  2. Akshay Kumar: Actor Akshay Kumar played a variety of characters in his life. And has success over time. But his son Aarav Kumar is right now staying away from Lime Light.
  3. Paresh Rawal: Every single character played by actor Paresh Rawal has proved to be milestone in the Bollywood films. And his son Aditya Rawal is currently busy with his studies.
  4. Shakti Kapoor: Actor Shakti Kapoor played many challenging roles in his life. And his son Siddhanth Kapoor has recently stepped into the films.
  5. Johnny Lever: Actor Johnny Lever has given films a new twist with his excellent comic timing and with his performance. But his son Jessey Lever is away from the film line.