United plane’s engine caught fire On Landing, Everyone Evacuated Safely


The left motor of a United Airlines-contracted SkyWest plane burst into flames shortly after it landed at the Denver Airport, US. The occurrence occurred on Sunday morning. As per The Independent, 59 travelers and 4 crew members on the plane were evacuated quickly and nobody was reported harmed. Pictures on social media show the plane standing on the tarmac with the left engine on fire.

As per The Telegraph, United Airlines said the SkyWest Airlines flight 5869 from Aspen, Colorado, “experienced motor issues” after landing securely. SkyWest is a regional airline which has contracts with major organizations like United Airlines and American Airlines.

Some Twitter clients have praised the airline for their quick action.

A video uploaded to YouTube by ViralHog indicates travelers being evacuated from the plane as emergency services try to put the fire out. As per the video description, the individual who shot the video likewise talked about the fire saying, “So we landed on the tarmac at Denver Airport, however we stop far from the gate. The stewardess runs to the back of the plane and we hear a commotion and afterward she shouts ‘EVERYBODY OFF THE PLANE!’. We all evacuate.”