United Nations says US drone strike kills 15 civilians in Afghanistan


Approx 15 civilians were killed and another 13 injured in a US ramble strike in eastern Afghanistan, the United Nations said late on Thursday, requiring a free examination concerning the occurrence. 

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The airstrike happened in the early morning on Wednesday, hitting what US authorities said was an Islamic State focus in Achin area of Nangarhar region. 

The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) said a few aggressors may have been executed in the strike, however a large number of the casualties were regular citizens, including understudies, an educator, and individuals from families thought to be "ace government". 

"UNAMA repeats the requirement for all gatherings to the contention to hold fast to their commitments under universal helpful law," the United Nations said in an announcement. 

"UNAMA approaches the legislature and universal military strengths to dispatch a brief, autonomous, fair, straightforward, and viable examination concerning this episode." 

The regular citizens had accumulated in a town to welcome the arrival of a nearby senior who had finished the Hajj journey to Mecca and were resting when the strike happened, by. 

The US military summon affirmed it led an air strike in Achin went for Islamic State aggressors, yet said it is social event data on the assertions of regular citizen setbacks. 

"We take each conceivable measure to maintain a strategic distance from regular citizen setbacks in these operations, and will keep on working with Afghan powers to figure out whether there is reason for extra examination," US strengths said in an announcement.

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