United Nations: North Korea flood death toll rises to 133, 395 missing


Atleast 133 people have been killed and many others are missing in a severe flood that took place in a North Korean border region few days back.

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Around 107,000 people have been told to leave their homes around the Tumen river due to the flood situation, the world body said.

The North’s official media has reported that the local residents of China and Russia are facing several problems.

 It added that, “A nationwide mass-mobilisation 200-day labour campaign intended to bolster the economy has been redirected to assist the flood victims.”

In 2012, nearly 169 people were died in a massive rainstorm.  North Korea is facing many problems due to natural disasters, especially floods and leading to deforestation and poor infrastructure.

Significant state assets are gobbled up by a rocket and atomic weapons program which Pyongyang says is crucial to prevent US hostility. More than 35,500 houses have been hit by the most recent surges, with 69 percent of them totally annihilated, and 8,700 open structures have been harmed, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in an announcement dated Sunday.

Around 16,000 hectares (39,540 sections of land) of farmland have been immersed and no less than 140,000 individuals critically require help, it said. OCHA said a gathering made up of UN offices, worldwide NGOs, the universal Red Cross and the North's Red Cross had gone by parts of the surge stricken district a week ago to survey needs.

It said help organizations have discharged material from stockpiles in the North, for example, nourishment, sanctuary and kitchen units and water sanitization and wellbeing supplies. The North's administration was working desperately to revive streets and was disseminating alleviation products and building materials. The need was to reconstruct 20,000 homes by early October, before the sharp Korean winter sets in.

The North has trumpeted the part of its managing Workers' Party in reacting to the calamity in North Hamgyong region.

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