Unique tattoo unveiled by researchers


BOSTON: A temporary tattoo has been created by the researchers which will control your computer, smartphone and other connected devices.

"These tattoos enable anyone to create interfaces directly on their skin," said Hsin-Liu Kao from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US.

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The temporary tattoos consist of layers of gold leaf which is usually used to decorate photo frames and chocolates. It is considered as “Duoskin”.

Researchers said, “This new technology lets anyone create their own durable, customized gold metal leaf temporary tattoo that can be worn directly on the skin and used in several ways”.

They added that,“Tattoos that act as an input device can convert skin into a track pad, letting users connect to a computer or smartphone and control apps by swiping on the tattoo itself”.

“The output devices are able to actually display information”, 'ibtimes.co.uk' reported.

For instance, one tattoo can change shading in light of your body temperature. Another can be combined with an application created by analysts called "Couple Harmony" and gives accomplices a chance to imagine each other's present state of mind.

The second rate class incorporates a close field correspondence – empowered form of the tattoos that can be utilized as a remote specialized gadget, empowering you to impart data, for example, "skin status" or film tickets, by tapping a cell phone onto the tattoo.

Every tattoo can incorporate a NFC chip, a thermochromatic layer or light discharging diode (LED) lights, Kao said.

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