Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu’s son donates Rs 1,116 to army fund


Mumbai: Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu's son Harsha Muppavarapu, a noted vehicle dealer in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, is immensely popular among netizens these days, albeit for the wrong reasons. 

The minister's son has drawn flak from social media users for donated a measly Rs 1,116 to the army fund. The matter came into light and gained notoriety after Harsha posted the bank receipt for the same on his Instagram account on September 20. Netizens shared the receipt on other social media groups, critical of the fact that a Union Minister's businessman son had donated such a small amount to the Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties.

Netizen M Yugandhar Reddy who shared the Instagram post on his Facebook account sarcastically pointed out, "He speaks of patriotism and the need to sacrifice for the country. He made this contribution." Reddy's post was shared by 17 others, who in turn, shared it with their contacts. Aday before uploading the receipt for the contribution, Harsha had a Facebook post that mentioned 'how important a one rupee contribution by by each individual would mean to the army in protecting the country'.

Intending to highlight the meagre gesture, another netizen shared Harsha's bank post along with the story of a Gujarat-based businessman- philanthropist Mahesh Savani who is sponsoring the education of the children of the soldiers. In his post, J Chandramouli said that Venkaiah Naidu's son heads 39 firms but could not go beyond Rs 1,116. "As ordinary citizens, we contributed better than this to the fund," he posted.