Union Health Ministry asked state governments not to allow admissions in medical colleges


NEW DELHI: The Union Health Ministry has requested that state governments not permit confirmations in restorative schools which neglected to agree to the headings given by the Supreme Court-delegated Oversight Committee.

The High court-designated OC, headed by Justice RM Lodha, had requested that universities transfer different data about workforce, bed quality and framework among others on their sites. The OC has now coordinated to keep in "suppression" the contingent authorization allowed to schools which neglected to conform to these bearings, the Ministry said.

"It is currently coordinated by OC to keep in suppression the contingent authorization conceded to those schools for 2016-17 that have neglected to agree to the above bearing," a wellbeing service open notification said.


It also asked students desirous of taking admission in the colleges given conditional permission to satisfy themselves from the respective website of the college that the college has uploaded desired information on its website and does not fall in the category of colleges that have failed to upload the information and the conditional permission is in absence for 2016-17 for that reason.

"All the state governments and universities are also advised not to allow admissions in such colleges which have failed to comply with the above direction of the OC and the Health Ministry," the Ministry said.