Union Government: Aadhaar Card is not compulsory to avail benefits


CHENNAI: On Thursday Union Information and Broadcasting Minister M Venkaiah Naidu declared in Parliament that Aadhaar card is not obligatory to advantage benefits accessible by the Union administration. In the city, LPG agencies have been convincing the subscribers to put forward their Aadhaar card figures. By September 30 the community sector oil companies have requested the agencies to gather the Aadhaar numbers of all the consumers. For a little of the tenant who have not yet deposited the Aadhar numbers, the funding for the LPG cylinder for this month was not credited to their bank accounts. V Sridharan, a resident of Panruti Kandigai in Kancheepuram district has also conveyed that, this month the subsidy amount was not credited to my account. When he asked the agency, they conveyed that, the subsidy is waiting because I had not yet submitted my Aadhaar number. But Sridharan conveys he had monitored himself for the Aadhaar number, but was yet to obtain the card due to delay in part of the Aadhaar agency. He also further conveyed that, this is inequitable to many who have not conventional it.

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Until all have got the cards, such conclusion should not be taken. The pressure by the LPG agencies is contradictory to the statements by the Union administration. Another resdident of the City has also further conveyed that, on one hand, the administration conveys the card is not compulsory. But, on the other hand, it is forcing people to go in for Aadhar cards to avail welfare schemes. Amusingly, almost 87.64 per cent of populace in the state has been screened for Aadhaar card. Though, in Chennai, it is only 79 per cent, as per the Census data. This means in the State 6.32 crore people have Aadhaar cards whereas 36.65 lakh people in Chennai have admission to Aadhaar cards. Though, many who have been screened for Aadhaar cards conveys they have not got it yet. But representatives in the Census Department convey that the matter is that people in a city like Chennai travel incessantly. Earlier, LPG subsidy was offered by directly connecting bank account numbers to gas agencies. Currently there is a require for such customers to deposit their Aadhar card photocopy to the bank as well as the gas agency. The customers are presently getting 12 cylinders at a subsidized rate in a year. Representatives also conveyed that, due to connecting of Aadhaar card will Direct Benefit Transfer, the abuse of people having more than two to three gas connections has decreased. For now, the Census Department has also enclosed 6.88 crore people for biometrics which is necessary for smart cards to be ready by the State administration by connecting it with Aadhaar cards.

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