Uniform civil code is not good for India: Muslim Personal Law


The Muslim Personal Law Board said on Thursday that a Law Commission questionnaire, to gauge public opinion on triple talaq and other anti-women practices across religions, is a “fraud” that it will boycott it and that uniform civil code is not good for India.

AIMPLB announced its boycott of Law Commission’s proposal saying, “Uniform Civil Code is not good for this nation. There are so many cultures in this nation and those have to be respected.”

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“A uniform civil code is not good for this nation. There’re so many cultures in this nation, (they) have to be respected. India can’t impose a single ideology,” said the Board’s Hazrat Maulana Wali Rahmani at a press briefing today.
The Commission in its questionnaire asks whether triple talaq – which according to Islamic law based on the Koran permits a husband to pronounce talaq three times to instantly divorce his wife – should be abolished altogether, retained only in customs without legal sanctity, or retained with suitable amendments.

“We are living in this country with an agreement held by the constitution. The constitution has made us live and practice our religion. In America everyone follows their personal laws and identity, how come our nation doesn’t want to follow their steps in this matter?” Rahmani said.
The Centre has countered the claim of the Muslim Law Board and said, “Practices of triple talaq, polygamy and nikah halala cannot be regarded as necessary part of religious conviction and hence get no protection under fundamental right to religion.”
Rahmani and other Board officials today also indicated that they feel Muslims are discriminated against.

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