UN calls highest political commitment on climate change


Nearly 200 countries have called for highest political commitment to combat climate change on urgent priority as global climate is warming at an alarming and unprecedented rate. This was decided at UN a gathering at the Marrakesh Action Proclamation in Morocco.

As many as 196 nations and the European Union bloc, taking part in the summit, noted that it was an urgent duty to respond to global warming and cope with the effects of unavoidable climate change.

The call came on the penultimate day of the conference tasked with drafting a blueprint for enacting the Paris Agreement adopted last December and since ratified by 111 countries with Britain being the most recent signatory. This can be termed as one of the main outcomes of the ongoing summit.

The conference called for strong solidarity with those countries which are most vulnerable to the impact of climate change. It was however overshadowed by Donald Trump’s threats to withdraw the US from a global pact to turn back global warming.

The Paris pact sets the goal of limiting average global warming to 2.0 degrees Celsius over pre-Industrial Revolution levels, by cutting greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels.

Nations, including the United States, have swore to check outflows under the arrangement by moving to renewable vitality sources. Yet, Trump has promised to help oil, gas and coal and wipe out the Paris Agreement.

India had pushed for incorporation of practical way of life with least carbon impression and an obvious specify of stream of assets in the draft of the political declaration which was before made.