UK: Over 150 Islamist activists stripped of passports


At least 150 Islamist activists revoked of their UK passports over frights that they would return from the Islamic State territory in the Middle East to introduce assaults in Britain. As per reports more than 40 suspects have had their right to a British passport stripped this year, with about 30 targeted as March in the wake of the current terrorist assaults in London and Manchester.

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Reports asserted that the UK administration has used so-called “deprivation orders” next to 35 people to cancel their citizenship rights in 2016 and 15 other in the first three months of 2017. Security sources further conveyed that 30 other have been revoked of passports since March.

Those who have had their citizenship cancelled comprise so- called “jihadi brides” who travelled to Syria to marry terrorists and live under the “caliphate” as well as gunmen. They are all twofold nationals, counting people born in Britain to parents of other nationalities.

In UK law, the administration cannot take the citizenship of persons if it would leave them stateless. As per previous year’s figure, at least 72 people were subject to a deprivation order between 2011 and 2015.

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UK security minister Ben Wallace further added that, we have programmed and prepared for the risk by British returnees as Islamic State is crushed in Iraq and Syria and we are using a range of tools to interrupt and reduce that threat.