UFO similar to “Star Wars Millennium Falcon” Spotted


A man and his girlfriend in New York believe they captured something weird in their mobile phone like a UFO which resembled to the “ Star Wars Millennium Falcon.”

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The footage was uploaded online with the comment: "Me and my girlfriend were coming home at approx between 9 and 10 pm when we saw a light to our left.

"This thing was a complete lit surfaced craft.

"It wasn't blinking lights the entire surface of craft was lit up and glowing."

The video was shared on the Mutual UFO Network yesterday, was actually filmed on August 4.

In the footage the man who is recording the scene near Goshe, can be heard saying: "What the hell is that?"

To which his girlfriend Annette replies: "I dunno man, but no planes ride that low.

"It's almost transparent, it's definitely a UFO, they're watching us."

But the filmer then adds: "There's no way that's a plane, look at the shape of it, look how big it is.

"I wonder if it's a blimp.

"Whatever that is, its huge."

Before Annette agrees: "Yeah it's a spaceship."

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