Udta Punjab released : “Don’t support piracy”, says Fans at theatres


Movie “Udta Punjab” filled with drug drama released today with single court-ordered cut after the producers appealed against some 89-odd edits demanded by the Censor Board, including the deleting of all references to Punjab.

The movie has been directed by Abhishek Chaubey and it stars Shahid Kapoor as an addicted rocker, Alia Bhatt as a Bihari migrant, Kareena Kapoor as a doctor and Diljit Dosanjh as a cop.

Ekta Kapoor's  Balaji Productions and Phantom Films are its co producers. On Wednesday, a leaked copy of the film was released online.

Udta Punjab have released in cinema’s today with and it was found that there were people to support Udta Punjab against piracy.

"Being from filmmaking background, I came here to support this film to watch it first day first show. Two days ago there was a pirated print floating around.  I don't support piracy first of all. I am going to watch this movie and also going to ask all my friends to watch it in theatres only," said a Mumbaikar at PVR Juhu theatre.

"I am not sure whether it was a CBFC copy. But if it's a censor copy then it's a shame on CBFC, it reflects very badly on them. Piracy is an issue, which we all have been fighting for a very long time. I am quite excited about the film and eagerly waiting for it. It's a good decision by the Bombay High Court. I will be watching it here because I am shooting now," Aamir Khan told reporters in a press conference in Ludhiana.