Uday Kotak the only Indian being listed in the Forbes’ list of 40 most powerful celebrities


New York. Kotak Mahindra Bank Chief Uday Kotak has became the only Indian to be listed in Forbes’ list of 40 of the most powerful people in the financial world who control the flow of thousands billions in the global economy. 57- year- old is having assets worth $7.1 billion (Rs 461.5 billion).

Kotak being ranked in the Forbes list of Money Masters – The Most Powerful People In The Financial World’ got the name of Stephen Schawrzman, CEO of Blackstone Group at the top who has a net worth of $10.2 billion.

 According to Forbes, the list of 40 financiers has dominion over the world’s wealth, from banking to buyouts and from trading to takeovers.

Kotak said that the India billionaire having the net worth of $7.1 billion has made his riches lending to the straggling masses between Delhi and Mumbai and has also took a stand for savers.

“His bank is still continuing to offer an interest of 6% on savings account, even after the falling rates making it difficult to do so. Kotak believes investing in India is very much like a Bollywood movie – long, but with a happy ending,” it said.

The list includes JPMorgan Chase CEO named Jamie Dimon at third place and Bershire Hathaway Head Wareen Buffet at fourth spot.