What is UCAS and dates for UCAS application?


If you are planning to apply to one of the colleges in UK for your higher studies, one term you will come across most frequently is UCAS. What is UCAS? Short form for ‘The Universities and Colleges Applications Service’, UCAS is a service given by the UK government for students who wish to apply at any college in UK. This is a mandatory application which a competitor needs to finish irrespective of the application forms which you may have to finish separately for the University where you are applying.

There are a few colleges in UK like Oxford which require you to submit just UCAS, and others like Cambridge which need you to submit additional college application forms along with UCAS like Cambridge University.

When does the UCAS application begin?

The application forms for UCAS are available online in the first week of September. The last date to submit UCAS varies for courses and colleges. Understudies can start filling in their application at any time but the submission does not begin before September 6.

For the under graduate class of 2018, the following due date is applicable:

October 15, 2017 (till 6:00 pm, UK time) – For any course at Oxford and Cambridge, or for most of the courses in medicine, veterinary medicine, and dentistry.

January 15, 2018 (till 6:00 pm, UK time) – For the majority of courses offered in UK Universities other than Oxford and Cambridge.

March 24, 2018 (till 6:00 pm, UK time) – For some Art and Design courses.