Uber cab driver kidnap a women and threatens to rape, Arrested


Kolkata: A young woman from Kolkata was threatened by the driver of the uber cab she had booked that she would be raped if she made noise. When a 27-year-old woman’s male co-passenger got down from the cab, little did she realize that she would be taken on a ride that she will remember for her lifetime.

“Akdom chup! Toke kidnap kore rape kore debo (Shut up! I will kidnap and rape you)” were the words uttered by cab driver 28-year-old Santu Parmanik when the woman tried to roll down the window and scream for help.

Realising the cruel intentions of the driver and what could possibly happen to her, the woman jumped off the moving car. However, the driver immediately reversed the vehicle and allegedly tried to run her over. The 28-year-old suspect Santu Parmanik was later arrested by the Kolkata Police and charged with molestation and criminal intimidation.

Narrating her story to the police officials, the woman said, ''It was okay till my friend got down near Aranya Bhavan. Suddenly, the driver started speeding up and took a left where he didn't need to." When the cab reached Bijan Bhavan, the driver again took to a left lane, it was when the woman  protested.

"The lanes were deserted so I insisted on taking the main road. He agreed and continued to drive till FD block, where he again tried to enter a lane on the left," the woman was quoted as saying by 'The Times of India'. When she protested again, the cab driver replied ''the lane would save time''. The two continued to argue till the cab went past the area the woman was supposed to get off at.

"This alarmed me and I asked him to stop. Suddenly, he flew into a rage," she recalled in horror. Worried about her the safety, the woman rolled down the window and started shouting for help. Since the road was deserted, no help came. Realising that she was alone, she finally jumped off the moving car. The next day, she filed a complaint with Uber and Bidhannagar North police station after which the cab driver was arrested.