Types of cosmetic products


New Delhi: While there are literally thousands of different types of cosmetic products. Most of us spend a substantial amount of our income on a wide range of cosmetic products in hopes that they will help us achieve better hair and skin. These are the some types of cosmetic products that you definitely should not waste your hard-earned money on. These are:

Fairness creams

Banana face pack: Banana can give you the effect of a parlor facial. It has natural skin lightening properties and is great for removing dark spots, fading away blemishes and brightening dull skin. 

Cucumber and watermelon face pack: The cucumber and watermelon pack can lighten your skin marvellously. The antioxidants present in cucumber can give a healthy glow to your skin and rejuvenate tired, dull looking skin. Watermelon acts as a wonderful toner for your skin. It clears the skin of blemishes and scars.

Moisturisers with SPF

Apply an even coat
When you use the moisturiser in the middle of your face and start massaging it outward, the moisturiser tends to settle along the perimeter, clogging the pores around the hair line. So make sure that you apply the moisturiser evenly across your entire face so that it doesn’t settle into the pores. 

Moisturise in the right direction
to moisturise the top of your face, start from the centre of the face and then move up and outward. Using your ring finger, slowly swirl the cream in circular motions and move downward. 

Use moisturiser with SPF on your neck
When you use a moisturiser with SPF you  have a tendency to first apply it on your face and then bring the leftover down to your neck. But your neck needs equal attention if you want to avoid sun damage. When you apply the moisturiser on the entire face make sure that you apply enough of it on the neck, the sides of the neck and any exposed area of the chest.

Shampoos that fight against hair fall

Shampoo for oily hair

Dr Shah in his book suggests choosing a mild, herbal shampoo and washing your hair frequently (every day if required) to avoid build-up of oil in the scalp. Also, he advises to condition only the tips. If you do not want to wash your hair every day, opt for a stronger formulation.

Shampoo for dry hair

People with dry hair should use a mild cleanser as they will find it difficult to manage their hair post hair wash. Also, they should condition their hair well even use leave-in serum or conditioner to control the frizz. Do not shampoo hair every day.

Shampoo for damaged hair

If you have split-ends, you need to get a trim often to get rid of the problem. Also, you need to strengthen your hair so use shampoos which have keratin in them. If you have dandruff, opt for medicated shampoos but do not use them more than once or twice a week as they can make your hair rough and dry.