Two teenagers gangraped in Delhi, 4 arrested


Delhi: Two girls were gang raped in front of their male friends in Delhi on Thursday night. The age of the girl is 18 and 17. The incident happened at around 8:30m pm near the metro station when the girls were out for a walk.
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The matter came to limelight when four people saw a couple in that group and took them to the police station. They warned the four teens and told them that he will take him to the police station.

“The attackers then took turns to rape the girls in front of their friends”, said a senior police officer.

Later, a medical examination of girls was conducted which showcased that the girls were raped.

The police say the four men have been kept however they are not precluding the inclusion of a fifth aggressor. 

Security in Delhi and different urban areas was generally wrangled after a physiotherapy understudy on her path home from a film with her companion was severely pack assaulted and tormented on a moving transport and afterward dumped on the roadside. The 23-year-old kicked the bucket 13 days after the fact as challenges seethed the country over. What came to be known as the "Nirbhaya posse assault" incited far reaching changes in national laws on wrongdoing against ladies.

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