Two strong tremors hit coastal area in northwestern Ecuador


Ecuador: The two effective tremors measuring 5.9 and 6.4 struck the area of Ecuador for atleast ten minutes on Monday.

“They might be the aftershocks of April disaster which led to the death of hundreds of people in the country.” USGS said.

Both the tremors hit the area of around 32 kilometers northwest of Rosa Zarate, a town which has around 60,000 residents.

The earthquake was felt across a wide area and provoked many people to escape from the streets, according to BNO news.

No casualties with regards to the quantity of losses were instantly available yet, reports said.

No Tsunami cautioning has been issued.

The local authorities of the Esmeraldas area said, “They were suspending school activities until further notice. Classes were also suspended in Manabí province to inspect possible damage".

Rafael Correa, country’s president told people to “remain calm”.

Moreover, around 661 individuals died on April 16 as the earthquake of 7.8 magnitude shook the nation that day. More than 27,000 others were harmed over various areas that were crushed by broad demolition. A highly sensitive situation was proclaimed as more than 13,000 military work force and cops contributed in recovery operations.