Two Pythons Fighting It Off On A Roof Are Just A Big Pile Of Nope


Imagine coming back home after a long day only to realise two huge pythons have picked your roof as the perfect spot to settle a score. For one family in Queensland, Australia, this sadly was a reality.

A nightmare-inducing video, shared on the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 Facebook page, shows two large pythons fighting with one another hanging from the roof. "Breeding season has definitely begun now, so this male to male combat may be a common sight throughout the coast over the next couple of months," they wrote on the social networking site.

Well that just means one thing – even more snakes.

In case you're wondering what exactly happens in such fights, if the snakes bite each other, what is the end goal the snakes are trying to achieve from the fight, a member from the service said: "They don't bite or constrict each other, as this competition is about which one is physically stronger. What they are doing is attempting to repeatedly push the opponent down and stay 'on top'. The victor, having proven himself the buffest snake on the block, wins the right to mate with any nearby females while the loser slinks away to try his luck elsewhere. Neither snake actually suffers any damage."

The scary video has amassed over 40,000 views and lots of comments since being posted on September 4. "This is literally making me get in the foetal position," says one commenter. "We would burn everything and move to another country. No way would I sleep ever again," says another.