Two Police wounded in Suicide attack near US consulate in Saudi


Today close to the American consulate in Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea city of Jeddah, two safety officers were offended when a suicide bomber blew him up. The daybreak information that the bomber was in fact cranium in a car on the way to a mosque and hospital that is close to the US consulate in Jeddah and brusquely afterwards his piece of equipment detonated, assassination him and unconscientiously wounding three security men close at hand. The region has been cordoned off and safety forces are at the panorama of the occurrence.  

US Embassy officials in Saudi Arabia and the Interior Ministry officials have not commented. A State Department representative conveyed that US officials are alert of news of a detonation in Jeddah and are operational with Saudi authorities to gather more information. Saudi Arabia is part of the US-led alliance hostility IS in Iraq and Syria. Islamic State has carried out a sequence of bombing and shooting attacks in Saudi Arabia as behind 2014 that have killed scores of people, more often than not members of the Muslim minority and security services. So distant, no collection has claimed responsibility for the assault.