Two Pakistan-trained LeT terrorists detained at Wagah-Attari crossing in Kashmir

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2 Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorists who took militant guidance in Pakistan were detained on Friday at the Wagah-Attari border of Jammu and Kashmir.

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The terrorists have been found as Abdul Majeed Bhat and Mohammad Ashraf Mir.

“They had received passports specifically for the said purpose. These terrorists of the LeT were nabbed straight away after coming back via Wagah-Attari border before they could formally join the terrorist ranks here in Kashmir,” a police officer quoted.

As per the cops, the terrorists disclosed on interrogation that that they had taken terrorist guidance in Pakistan with several Pakistani boys.

“They stated militant camps are situated close to Burma Town, Islamabad and are being operated by a terrorist commander under code name Hanzala Adanan and Omar. Other militants giving guidance to young boys are famous with nicknames Osama, Naveed and Hataf,” officer affirmed.

In 2017,  two terrorists including Azharuddin and Sajad Ahmad had left to Pakistan on valid visas to take terror training but they were killed later after they joined terrorist groups.

In August 2-17, Suhaib Farooq Akhoon of Baramulla had gone to Pakistan after taking terrorist training in LeT terrorist camp. Later, he joined militant group.

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“Parents are appealed to keep watch on their children and their prolonged absence from house should be immediately reported to cops so that lives of these boys are saved,” the officer stated.



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