Two Indians Abducted In South Sudan Released



NEW DELHI:  Rebels who kidnapped two Indian engineers in South Sudan have been released on Thursday following intrusion by the Indian government.

On Thursday, Ajay Raja, Production Operator at Dar Petroleum Operating Company, South Sudan expressed gratitude to External Affairs Minister for releasing the two Indians.

“Thank you @SushmaSwaraj mam for your efforts to release the two Indians Midhun and Edward in South Sudan. My friends are back. Thank you,” he tweeted.

Ajay Raja informed the matter to Sushma Swaraj on March 9 and demanded her help for the abduction.

“Our 2 Indians abducted by offenders @SouthSudan during field work since March 8, 17. @K6270096Midhun @J1100553Edward @SushmaSwaraj. Help mam.” He stated.

The two Indians have been found as Midhun Ganesh, 25, and A. Edward, 40. On March 8, they were kidnapped when they were on field work by the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-In Opposition (SPLA-IO)

The reports revealed that they are employee in the Operations and Maintenance Department of Dar Petroleum Production Company, South Sudan and are native of Tamil Nadu.

On Thursday, a Pakistani engineer working with Dar Petroleum was released from South Sudan.

Mr Zakariya shared,”We are thankful to the administrations of South Sudan, China and Sudan for their participation and support in the fruitful arrival of Ayaz Jamali.”i.”