Two died as enfeeble storm Lan reaches close to Tokyo


Japan: Nearly two people lost their lives in a storm Lan that hit Japan on Monday. The people witnessed heavy landslides and flooding due to which the normal life of people gets paralyzed. The train as well as plane services were also disrupted.

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On Monday, Lan was noted in the category 2 typhoon hitting Tokyo. As per Tropical Storm Risk monitoring site, earlier the typhoon was noted as a powerful category 4 storms when it hit north side of Japan.

Due to the powerful typhoon, a man in his 60s lost live who was passing from a building site and another fisherman died in his boat. Apart from it, more than 85 people got wounded in the storm.

The rivers are flowing above the normal level in various areas of Japan due to heavy rainfall.

Image result for storm Lan350 flights were rescinded and train services were suspended in Tokyo.

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Several people were forced to leave their homes on Sunday as the typhoon reached Japan and people faced torrential rain and wind in the region.