Two Chinese nationals abducted in Pakistan


QUETTA: Nearly two Chinese working in Pakistan were abducted on Wednesday. The information was given by local police. The kidnaps took place in the afternoon in Quetta.

“A Chinese couple was abducted from the neighbourhood of Jinnah town in Quetta on Wednesday,” senior local police official Aitzaz Goraya stated.

“They were dragged into a vehicle without number plates by three unknown men,” he added. One Chinese woman tried to flee as the men started firing in the air to frighten the witnesses.

One of the witnesses, Muhammad Zahir stated that he was gunned down as he made attempts to avert the kidnap.

He stated, nearly three men forced a Chinese woman to go into the white car but she started crying.

“I stopped to observe the situation but they had forced the woman in the car by then and were pushing the man.” She said.

“So I rushed to them and asked what they were doing. One of them said, ‘We are from the crime branch of the police and we are taking them for investigation’ and I told them that they should not misbehave with people. Then the driver came out and shot me in my leg,” she added.

The reports revealed that the duo had been studying Urdu at a language centre in Quetta.

The investigation is in process. Since 2004, Pakistan has been fighting Islamist and nationalist rebellion in mineral-rich Balochistan. The clashes have killed several soldiers and militants.