Two child marriages stopped : Jaisalmer


Battle against child marriage by legitimate administrations specialist (LSA) is bearing great outcomes as Jaisalmer LSA officer MK Goyal got two complaints from minority group requesting to stop child marriage. The principal case has been enlisted from Maohangarh police headquarters while the second one was from Lathi region.

A lady, named Fatma, has filed a complaint at area LSA office to prevent her seven year-old-little girl from getting hitched. Taking comprehension of the matter, fulltime secretary of LSA, Dr. Mahendra Kumar Goyal guided police to make vital strides so that the marriage can be halted.

Goyal said according to the lady’s complaint, few individuals of Mohangarh township attempted to get her seven-year-old girl wedded forcefully on which Fatma, spouse of Barkat Khan, presented an application asking for to stop the evil practice.

Fatma, Illiyas alongside different villagers, who were made mindful of prevention of child marriage, labour law, child labour and different plans through pamphlets and different structures, came to him, included Goyal.

Additionally, Mishri Khan of Jhabra in Chandra gram panchayat presented an application advising about a child marriage where a kindred villager Wali Mohammad (26) was wedding 11-year-old Rohanai, girl of Maru Khan, exploiting their neediness. Before long, station house officer (SHO) of Lathi police headquarters was instantly made a request to stop the marriage and get a bond from the charged that he won’t marriage the young lady until she accomplishes adulthood. SHO was likewise gotten some information about the move made by 5 pm.

It is to be said that, Justice GK Vyas and LAS administrator alongside different Justices — GK Moolchandni and Vineet Kumar Gupta had organised Beti Bachao Beti Padhao camps in Jaisalmer and Barmer in which huge number of individuals participated. They additionally had spread message of stopping child marriage.