Two bodies retrieved from burning oil tanker in East China Sea


BEIJING – Two bodies have been recovered by evacuators on Saturday from Iranian oil tanker’s fire that occurred in the East China Sea recently after the collision.

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On Saturday, the bodies were recovered on the lifeboat floor of the Sanchi. Evacuators investigated the bodies for about 30 minutes.

The photographs of rescue operations have gone viral on the social media. It displayed parts of the Sanchi still on fire. Officials were worried the ship could blast and sink but there were no discussions on Saturday on such a prospect.

The reason of the crash remains uncertain. A body was found from the sea prior this week. Nearly 29 crew members are still missing. As per the reports, there were all Iranian crew but two members were Bangladeshis.

On Saturday, Thirteen ships were involved in the rescue operation to douse the flames. As per the reports, the tanker was holding cargo of at least 1 million barrels of condensate, ultra-light oil etc.

Heavy fire, poor weather and bad visibility have all hindered evacuation operations.

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Recently, Chinese freighter CF Crystal and Panamanian tanker met with accident when they were carrying 21 crew members.