Twitter presents application for Amazon’s virtual aide Alexa


Twitter has uncovered an application called Twitter Reader for Amazon’s voice stage Alexa. She will now have the capacity to peruse tweets on an Echo speaker or whatever other Alexa-controlled device.

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Twitter said that the new application can give general data on patterns or convey data from your own record. Aside from tweets, the virtual right hand will likewise read out Mentions, Likes and Retweets.Users should confirm with their record and say “Alexa, open Twitter” to dispatch the application. Once done, you can attempt charges, for example, “Alexa, ask Twitter has anybody retweeted me?” or “Alexa, ask Twitter what is going on?” and “Alexa, approach Twitter for my notice?”

You can likewise make inquiries which are more area benevolent, for example, “Alexa, approach Twitter for patterns in Mumbai today.” However, twitter expressed that the new component does not bolster push warnings right now.

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