Twinkle Khanna’s advice to Filmmakers


Twinkle Khanna, on-screen character turned-inside planner and author, feels the idea of adapting novels into a film is great.

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"I think it really is great to make movies from books as that will give a film a solid plot, if not whatever else," Twinkle told to a news agency.

The writer is prepared with her second book, The Legend Of Laxmi Prasad, an accumulation of four short stories.

Inquired as to whether she is interested in composing a script of her story for any Bollywood adaption, she said: "Well, I don't expect anything. I will choose if and when it will happen. I live in the present, and don't arrange my future."

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Inquired as to whether a movie producer can do equity to a story while adjusting it from a book to celluloid, Twinkle said: "How could that be? When you read a book, you are making a world in your mind. By what means would somebody be able to simply imitate that?"

"For example, I may very well discuss a non-spellbinding face in my book. When you are watching that on screen, you are getting a visual reference, and after that it is constraining the creative ability," Twinkle said.

"Your form of the portrayal may very well contrast from the film, which is the essential distinction between the two medium," she included.

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