TVF Founder Arunabh Kumar Booked For Molestation by Mumbai Police


New Delhi: On Thursday, Mumbai Police issued a summon to TVF CEO Arunabh Kumar, booked under molestation charges, for his statement in the case.

Currently, actress Raveena Tondon had declined to promote her upcoming picture “Maatr – The Mother” on the big screen.

“I didn’t know about the contention as I was in New York and amidst a snow storm,” Raveena said in an announcement.

“Our film manages an exceptionally solid message around zero resistance to any type of brutality or mishandle against ladies. The film’s makers and on-screen characters feel that until assertions against the maker and the channel are demonstrated wrong, we will avoid advancing the film or any of the performing artists showing up on the said appear,” she included.

A case was registered enrolled Arunabh Kumar after a lady blamed Kumar for sexual molestation.

It began when a female “staff member” under the pen name Fowler posted a blog at, blaming Kumar for sexual advances at the work environment, and his several attempts to exploit her.