Turkish warplanes hit Kurdish YPG militia in Syria

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Turkish warplanes continue to attack on Kurdish YPG militia in Afrin region of Syria on Friday following a five-day silence.

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Hurriyet added Turkey had stopped air strikes as Russia toiled on its air defence system following Syrian rebels gunned down a Russian aircraft in Idlib province recently.

As per one of the leading news agency, Turkish warplanes strike nearly six targets in air attacks that started around midnight. No casualty has been reported yet.

On January 20, Turkey carried out an air and ground attack in Afrin aiming Kurdish YPG armed forces, which it sight as a militant wing of the forbidden Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

On Thursday, Russian and Turkish leaders decided to help their troops and special services in the country to fight with terrorist groups who are breaching the Syrian truce, the Kremlin stated.

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“They reaffirmed mutual commitment to the political and diplomatic resolution of the crisis based on UN Security Council Resolution 2254, in line with the decisions of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress, which was held on January 30, 2018 in Sochi,” the Kremlin added.


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