Turkey’s Syria raid could start heightening, cautions France


French President Francois Hollande cautioned Tuesday that "opposing mediations" by Turkish and Russian powers in Syria could start a heightening of the contention. 

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"These different, opposing intercessions convey the danger of a more extensive blaze," Hollande told a meeting with the political corps in France, requiring a "completely critical" stop to battling after Turkey assaulted a US-sponsored Kurdish state army in Syria. 

"Syria has been carrying on a horrendous catastrophe for as far back as five years," Hollande said, by. 

He said the nation's smashed second city Aleppo had persevered through a "substantial scale compassionate disaster". 

He said it was "superbly reasonable" for Turkey to look to guard itself against Daesh "after the assaults that this nation endured, and to control its outskirt" with Syria. 

In any case, Hollande said Turkey was presently likewise doing "activities against Kurds who are themselves battling Daesh." 

Turkish powers a week ago dispatched a two dimensional operation against Daesg and Kurdish contenders from the People's Protection Units (YPG) inside Syria. 

The military activity started after 54 individuals were slaughtered in a weekend suicide assault in the city of Gaziantep close to the Syrian outskirt that was faulted for Daesh. 

The YPG is the primary part of the Kurdish-drove Syrian Democratic Forces, which have been battling IS in northern Syria. 

The supposed Syrian Observatory for Human Rights situated in Britain said no less than 40 regular citizens were killed on Sunday in Turkish shelling and airstrikes, claims that were firmly dismisses by Ankara. 

Ankara asserted it killed 25 Kurdish "psychological militants" in strikes on YPG positions that day – meaning the two US-upheld accomplice powers were battling each other.

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