Turkey says its two soldier missing in syria


Separately, the Islamic State (IS) has claimed via its news agency, that it has captured two Turkish soldiers in al-Dana village near al-Bab in northern Syria. Moreover, the Turkish authorities have not commented on the claim.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Turkish army is leading an offensive to clear Islamic State and Kurdish forces from al-Bab town.

It is noteworthy here that Turkey has become an increasing target for militants after launching an offensive against IS in September.

The militant groups are supposed to have carried out several bombs in the country over the past year.

An audio recording, purportedly by the leader of IS, was released in which he directed his militants to attack Turkey and its forces in Syria and Iraq.

The sources said that despite the fact that the Turkish powers right now have wide support for its military hostile in Syria, that help could wind down if its military maintains more misfortunes. 

In the interim, the is accepted to have caught a Turkish solider in the mid year of 2015, with his area still obscure.