Turkey formally detains producer of Erdogan film


A Turkish court demanded the formal capture of a film producer following he made a controversial film representing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan detain at gunpoint in a gory coup, reports stated.

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Last week, Ali Avci was arrested on doubt of connections to the group charged by Ankara for the real life — disastrous coup d’état in July 2016 that attempted to conquer Erdogan.

The Istanbul Court detained Avci over “running an armed terror organisation” by an Istanbul court.

The trailer for Avci’s new film “Uyanis” (Awakening) caused discussion even before it hit theaters, days before the primary commemoration of the overthrow endeavor.

Turkey says US-based Muslim pastor Fethullah Gulen requested the endeavored putsch, charges which he emphatically denies.

Uyanis’ trailer highlights the murdering of Erdogan’s family – including his significant other Emine and his child Bilal – in their home in the Kisikli region of Istanbul while Erdogan is demonstrated being held at gunpoint.

Avci was likewise a maker of the film “Reis” (the Chief), a biopic about Erdogan’s initial political life, which hit screens in front of a key April choice that helped Erdogan’s forces.

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The first-historically speaking element film about Erdogan earned much media consideration at home and abroad however made little in film industry takings.