Turkey: Eight police died in Cizre bomb attack


Turkey: A car bomb exploded on Friday outside a police building in the southeast of Turkey. The speculations are saying that the attack was done by Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) militants. Nearly Eight Turkish police officers were killed and 45 people injured in the explosion.

The headquarters of the special anti riot police force have been damaged due to the bomb attack in Cizre. The television pictures have showed a thick plume of black smoke heading into the sky.

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Anadolu news agency reported that, “Eight police officers were killed and 45 more people wounded.”

When people came to know about the incident, around 12 ambulances and two helicopters rushed to the spot.

Early pictures demonstrated that the police building had been totally gutted by the force of the impact, decreased to a shell encompassed by a heap of rubble.

Nearby structures managed serious harm and some were still ablaze, TV pictures appeared.

Anadolu said the bomb had gone off 50 meters far from the working at a control post. It said the impact had been done by the PKK.

Security strengths shut the principle street to Cizre from the commonplace capital of Sirnak toward the north after the assault, Anadolu included.

The Turkish security powers have been hit by close day by day assaults by the PKK since a more than two year truce caved in 2015, leaving many cops and officers dead.

The PKK has kept up its strikes in the most recent weeks after the unsuccessful July 15 overthrow by rebel components in the military went for unseating President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The most recent assault comes two days after Turkish strengths dispatched an extraordinary offencive in neighboring Syria which the powers say is pointed both at jihadists and Syrian Kurdish civilian army.

Turkey on Thursday shelled the Kurdish state army contenders in Syria, saying they were neglecting to watch an arrangement with the US to quit progressing in jihadist-held region.

Ankara sees the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its People's Protection Units (YPG) state army as fear gatherings set on cutting out a self-ruling area in Syria and going about as the Syrian branch of the PKK.

The legislature has pledged to proceed with the crusade to kill the PKK from eastern Turkey after a cleanse in the armed force for those in charge of doing the overthrow.

More than 40,000 individuals have been executed following the PKK first waged war in 1984 with the point of cutting out a free state for Turkey's Kurdish minority.

It is prohibited as a psychological oppressor bunch by Turkey, the European Union and the United States.

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