Turkey dorm fire: At least 12 dead, mainly schoolgirls


ANKARA: At least twelve people, including eleven teenagers, were killed when a fire swept through a girls dormitory in the southern Turkish province of Adana on Tuesday, as per the statement given by officials.

An electric blame is being given the courtesy to the fire, which broke out up a residence lodging center and secondary school understudies, Omer Celik, a senior government official who speaks to the region in parliament, told the media.

No less than twenty-two different young ladies were harmed, Celik said. Additionally among the dead was a lady who worked at the residence.

The quarters housed ruined young ladies whose families originating from close-by towns where there are no schools, Elif Dogan Turkmen, a resistance parliamentarian, told the media.

TV footage demonstrated a blast ascending from the housetop of a multi-story building and groups of firefighters attempting to put it out.