Tsipras and Erdogan Stress Importance of Dialog on Cyprus and Refugee Issues


Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday focused on the significance of comprehension and exchange on the Cyprus and evacuee issues. 

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The two state pioneers met at the at Peninsula Hotel, where the Turkish mission dwells, on the sidelines of the 71st United Nations General Assembly in New York City. 

In the meeting that kept going very nearly two hours, were additionally present Greek Foreigner Minister Nikos Kotzias and his Turkish partner, Mevlut Cavusoglu. The two sides focused on the need to approach the two troublesome issues with comprehension and exchange. 

Tsipras communicated his solidarity with the Turkish individuals and Erdogan specifically, saying, "I am exceptionally satisfied to see you well after this experience. From the earliest starting point, we communicated our backing for the honestly chose government, vote based system and steadiness." 

On his part, Erdogan accepted the open door to raise the issue of the eight Turkish military haven seekers in Greece, who supposedly took part in the endeavored upset. To that, Tsipras answered, "Those required in overthrows are not welcome in Greece." However, he focused on the issue of equity, dependably act as per the tenets and standards of universal law. 

The exile emergency was the primary subject of the examination. The two sides reaffirmed their dedication to execute the understanding between the European Union and Turkey, with Erdogan saying that great reciprocal relations will contribute emphatically in this heading. 

The Greek side communicated fulfillment at the decrease of evacuee streams, contending that Athens will bolster the Turkish requests for without visa go in Europe and the promotion procedure if the states of the understanding are regarded. 

With respect to, the issue of sureties was not examined. Nonetheless, the Greek side underlined the significance of security, requesting the complete and quick withdrawal of Turkish troops from the island.

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