Try These Three Measures For Increasing Your Fundings


If you want to increase your wealth then try certain measures on the day of Thursday, trying these measures will help you in expandation of your business. With the arrival of happiness and satisfaction in the home life will be filled with enthusiasm. Let us show you what measures you should take measures to increase your money on Thursday …

Keep Nuts in your Safe And You Will Never Run out Of Money

1- Just like traders, on Thursday night before sleeping count the no. of notes and keep them by your side and pray that the money should just come to you, from every possible way! Whichever path you find right come from that way , by altering yourself thrice and without harming anyone ask the money to come to you and say we are ready to accept you. By doing this, God will be pleased and you will get money. But this measure would be meaningful only if you sincerely do this and without any manipulation in your mind.


2. Persons who are financially distressed should get up early on Thursday morning take bath and wear yellow colour clothes and take seven rounds around Peepal tree taking the name of the goddess Lakshmi . Worship the tree, water the tree and chant any one of the Lakshmi mantra at least one bead while sitting under the tree. This would make Goddess Lakshmi happy and your house will be filled with money.

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