Trump slams Clinton over ‘radical Islam’



Philadelphia : The Latest on the Democratic National Convention and 2016 presidential campaign.

Donald Trump Criticizing Hillary Clinton for not saying the words”radical Islam” in her nomination speech.

Trump says,”Our ways of life is under threat by Radical Islam and Hillary Clinton cannot even bring herself to say the words.”

Trump unleasedthe criticism in a series of tweets in reaction to the speech.He is picking up a frequent Republican criticism of Democrats’approach to fighting radicalism.

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Neither Clinton nor President Barack Obama uses the phrase “ radical Islam” because they say it is misleading-the ideology motivating terrorists does not reflect true Islam,they say. Republicans argue the failure to use the label has hampered the fight.

In her speech,Clinton said she will defeat the Islamic State group and work to fight radicalization of young people in the U.S and abroad.

Inflatables are falling on Hillary Clinton's tradition in Philadelphia.

Red, white and blue inflatables are sprinkling down on Democrats and covering the phase as Clinton and bad habit presidential chosen one Tim Kaine praise their selection with their families.

The tradition shutting party included fireworks that appeared to startle even Clinton, and also an intricate "card stunt" that doesn't seem to have put on a show of being arranged.

As indicated by directions given before in the night, agents should hold up shading cards connected to their seats to delineate a message.

Be that as it may, inside the lobby in any event, it was not clear what message read.

There are a few indications of discontent in the midst of the festival of Hillary Clinton's acknowledgment of the Democratic presidential assignment.

As Clinton talked, a few people in the group at the Democratic National Convention spread out a flag that said "Wikileaks." It's a reference to the spilled party messages that some say demonstrate the Democratic National Committee favored Clinton over essential adversary Bernie Sanders.

Close to the Hawaii appointment, a couple delegates waved signs for Green Party applicant Jill Stein.

A few Sanders delegates sat discreetly all through the discourse.

For quite a bit of Clinton's discourse, a splendid red sign emerged from the ocean of crusade notices. It read, "Stay faithful to your obligations."

Clinton attempted to keep summon of the field. She was over and again hindered by serenades of "Hillary!" — that was her supporters' method for muffling hecklers.

Hillary Clinton is approaching voters to "face spooks."

She says her mom never let her withdraw from a test, and "actually obstructed the entryway" when a youthful Hillary attempted to escape an area spook.

Clinton says despite everything she hears her mom asking "all her working, continue battling for right, regardless."

She says that, "Over and over, I've needed to lift myself up and get back in the amusement.

Clinton is shutting her discourse at the Democratic National Convention by encouraging Americans to look to the future "with mettle and certainty."

Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump is putting forth America "unfilled guarantees" and what she's calling "fanaticism and grandiloquence."

She says the decision is clear between the GOP candidate's talk and what says she is the Democrats' "intense motivation to enhance the lives of individuals over our nation."

Clinton says she didn't trust it at first that Trump signified "all the terrible things he says."

She's discussing the times Trump called ladies "pigs" and said a government judge of Mexican legacy couldn't be reasonable to him and stigmatized Sen. John McCain's military administration in Vietnam since he was caught.

Clinton says it "was just too difficult to understand" that a possibility for president could say such things.

In any case, she says she needed to recognize "the pitiful truth: There is no other Donald Trump."

Hillary Clinton says Americans need to confront "mean and divisive talk" and mend the partitions in the fabric of American culture.

The Democratic presidential chosen one is utilizing her adequate discourse at the gathering's tradition to say Americans must join to manage weapon brutality, migration and racial strife.

Hillary Clinton is addressing whether Republican presidential chosen one Donald Trump has the personality to be president.

She says Trump "can't deal with the unpleasant and-tumble of a presidential crusade."

Clinton says Trump loses his cool at the "scarcest incitement" — when he's gotten intense inquiries from correspondents, when he's tested in an open deliberation or when he sees a dissident at a rally.

Here's her take: "A man you can trap with a tweet is not a man we can trust with atomic weapons."

Hillary Clinton is guarding her view that there ought as far as possible on weapons in America.

Be that as it may, the Democratic presidential candidate says she's not trying to nullify the Second Amendment.

The Republican chosen one, Donald Trump, has attested that Clinton needs to do only that — and end the privilege to keep and carry weapons.

Clinton says in her discourse tolerating the designation that she wouldn't like to see individuals shot by somebody "who shouldn't have a weapon in any case." Clinton needs to keep firearms out of the hands of crooks, suspected terrorists and other people who might do hurt.

Clinton says she declines to trust shared view on the issue of weapons can't be found.

Hillary Clinton says the U.S. needs a pioneer who'll work with partners to keep America safe.

Clinton says the presidential race introduces a stark decision on national security, with the U.S. confronting what she says are "resolved foes that must be crushed."

She says individuals need "enduring authority."

Clinton says she's glad for the Iran atomic and worldwide atmosphere assentions — and says both must be upheld now.

Neither one of the deals happened while she was in government.

Clinton says she'll stand by NATO partners against any Russian dangers.

Also, she's vowing to crush the Islamic States bunch with airstrikes and backing for neighborhood ground strengths, while approving a "surge" in knowledge to anticipate terrorist assaults.

Clinton says: "We will win."

Hillary Clinton is pouncing upon Donald Trump's record as a specialist.

She indicates Atlantic City, New Jersey — around 60 miles from Philadelphia, site of the Democratic tradition. She says there are temporary workers and little organizations that lost everything in light of the fact that Trump declined to pay his bills for work they did in his club.

Clinton says Trump talks a "defining moment" about putting America first. Be that as it may, Trump's apparel line is made abroad, not in the United States. The same goes for other Trump items, for example, furniture and picture outlines, Clinton says.

"Donald Trump says he needs to make America awesome once more," she says. "All things considered, he could begin by really making things in America once more," she says.

Hillary Clinton is verifying one approach contrast after another with Republican opponent Donald Trump.

She's promising to select Supreme Court judges "who will get cash out of legislative issues" and extend voting rights, "not confine them."

Clinton is requiring an established alteration to upset the high court's 2010 Citizens United deciding that is particularly disagreeable among Democrats.

The Democratic candidate says she'll battle to redesign the migration framework.

She's voicing support for raising the lowest pay permitted by law, extending medical coverage and guaranteeing ladies are paid the same as men.

Clinton is discussing issues on which she's drew nearer to essential opponent Bernie Sanders. They incorporate backing for organizations imparting more benefits to specialists and resistance to what she calls "out of line exchange bargains."

Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump didn't offer any answers for issues when he gave his naming discourse a week ago.

The Democratic chosen one is refering to a few objectives for the initial 100 days of a Clinton organization.

Topping her rundown is bipartisan backing to pass what she says will be the greatest interest in new, great paying occupations since World War II.

Occupations in assembling, clean vitality, innovation and development, little business, and foundation.

Clinton says she'll work with essential opponent Bernie Sanders to make school educational cost free for the white collar class and obligation free for all. She additionally guarantees to "free" a great many individuals as of now with understudy obligation.

Hillary Clinton says her presidential designation is a point of reference on America's "walk toward a more impeccable union."

Clinton is the main lady chosen one of a noteworthy gathering. She tells the Democratic tradition that the accomplishment is extraordinary "for grandmas and young ladies and everybody in the middle."

Be that as it may, she says the country must continue going until every one of the 161 million ladies and young ladies in the nation have the open doors they merit.

Clinton says: "When there are no roofs, the sky's the point of confinement."

She says she's glad for young men and men, as well, since when a hindrance fall, it makes room for all.

Hillary Clinton says her mom — who was relinquished by her folks as a young lady — taught her a vital life lesson.

Clinton says Dorothy Rodham advised her: "Nobody gets past life alone."

Clinton said her late mother a few times in her designation discourse at the Democratic National Convention.

She says her mother was spared by the benevolence of others, including a first-grade instructor who conveyed additional sustenance to impart to the little schoolgirl.

She says her mom, who wound up all alone at age 14 and filled in as a cleaning specialist, advised her girl that individuals need to pay special mind to each other and "lift each other up."

Hillary Clinton says she'd be a president for Democrats, Republicans and independents — "for each one of the individuals who vote in favor of me and the individuals who don't."

She says she's met numerous individuals who propel her to battle for change, including tired kids and survivors of 9/11.

Clinton says "it's actual, I sweat the subtle elements of approach.

She says subtle elements ought to be a "major ordeal" to the president.

Hillary Clinton says Democrats haven't benefited an enough occupation of demonstrating working families that they comprehend what these families are experiencing.

Clinton says she concurs with families that have advised her the economy simply isn't working.

She says Americans will work, and buckle down.

In any case, at this moment, she says, "a terrible parcel of individuals feel there is less and less regard for the work they do."

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Popularity based Delegates have twice softened out up serenades of "Hillary!" amid their presidential candidate's acknowledgment discourse keeping in mind the end goal to muffle segregated hecklers in the tradition lobby.

A few supporters of essential adversary Bernie Sanders still protest Clinton's designation and they were wanting to express their dismay.