Trump, Please. Not Haley For Secretary of State!


On Thursday, South Carolina Republican Governor Nikki Haley met with president-elect Donald Trump, reportedly in consideration as secretary of state.  When I saw this news my heart dropped in horror.

In the past, I have called Gov. Haley ‘the Republicans version of Barack Obama.’ I was slightly mistaken. She is more like Hillary Clinton.

Should Trump choose this governor to serve in his cabinet, it would take every bit of restraint for me to accept it. After all, my philosophy is that we shouldn't second-guess his choices and should instead reserve judgment for at least three to six months into his presidency.

That said, he hasn't picked Gov. Haley yet. So, I feel it's necessary to enlighten you.

Picking Haley would not "drain the swamp." She is ‘quintessential-swamp.’ It is well documented that Haley was conducting lobbying efforts on the South Carolina house floor while she was an elected state house member. She was caught using the state airplane, automobiles and other resources for her own personal and political benefit. She escaped with a measly fine.

What makes her like Clinton? She's very clever at speaking in half-truths, avoiding the media for months only to finally speak to friendly-media about national issues instead of her statewide failures.

On dozens of occasions she has avoided local South Carolina-based newspapers, television and radio stations in favor of Fox News where they ask her questions irrelevant to her local record. As a result, she has deluded conservatives into believing she is a champion for them.

She raised $15,000 at a Georgia pledge drive thirteen days before the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control endorsed digging the Savannah harbor. Viably, for an allowance, she 'sold-out' the specialists of her state (and their port) for a little crusade gift. 

Maybe my examination of Haley to Clinton is an extend. At any rate Clinton could offer access to the legislature for a large number of dollars rather than a couple of thousand. 

Haley has been discovered utilizing her Indian legacy on applications and structures when it was helpful. In any case, now and again, she showed that she is white. While her race or legacy is superfluous, the capacity to come clean is. She is maybe a 'moderate form' of Rachel Dolezal (the Spokane, WA NACCP part president who asserted she was dark despite the fact that she was white). 

Amid this race, Haley expelled Trump as not "presidential" and unfit to lead. The most recent of these bashes happened on October 20, 2016 when she reacted to Trump's allegation that 'the races are fixed' by saying he is "flighty." 

Haley has been running for national office or a national arrangement since she was initially chosen representative in 2010. She's assumed full praise for the development in South Carolina occupations that is generally the consequence of her antecedent, previous Gov.

Check Sanford.Haley and her staff have been found on various events hawking counterfeit occupation numbers. In one occasion, numbering her 'welfare-something to do' program, she expressed that 20,000 individuals on welfare in South Carolina have been given back to work.

Much like a 'Clinton misleading statement' this number picked up a considerable measure of consideration. While taking a shot at a South Carolina radio station in 2014, I researched this number just to find that a great many these laborers were given just brief occupations and afterward returned back to the welfare rolls. On the off chance that this wasn't a pile of untruths it was at any rate insincere. 

A hefty portion of Haley's arrangements as senator have been a catastrophe. Amid an uncommon and destroying snowstorm, her Department of Transportation boss was discovered driving impaired at the same time while a large number of South Carolinians were stranded with frosted and shut streets. 

In a staggering unforeseen development, her Department of Social Services chief, Lillian Koller, was compelled to leave after kids in her area of expertise's care were murdered by injurious guardians or relatives. Koller and Haley now confront a legal claim as an aftereffect of this disaster.

The apex of this 'passing story' happened when Robert Guinyard, a four-year-old extremely introverted kid was pounded the life out of in Richland County, South Carolina in July 2013. Guinyard's auntie had cautioned Haley and Kohler's Department of Social Services sixteen times of the kid's looming fate. 

Because of this stunner, Haley endeavored to 'conceal' the profoundly established issues in the division by calling its executive, Koller, 'a hero.' after two weeks the 'demigod' was compelled to leave. 

Haley is known for her 'concealments.' In 2012, it was found that 3.6 million South Carolina government forms were hacked. Rather than notice her natives of this issue, she denied or disregarded the talk for over two weeks (trusting it would be concealed as a result of her forthcoming re-decision offer). With mounting weight from the media, she in the long run was compelled to uncover reality and burn through countless dollars in citizen cash purchasing everybody in South Carolina data fraud security services.When something turns out badly, Haley stows away. Will you envision her as secretary of state? On the off chance that Donald Trump needs another secretary Clinton, then Gov. Haley is a proper decision. 

Ideally this "thought" is just liberality of the South Carolina Lieut. Gov. Henry McMaster. McMaster has been a staunch supporter and follower of Trump from the earliest starting point. On the off chance that Haley were designated to a post in the Trump organization, McMaster would get to be representative. He's needed that part for a considerable length of time. He's a decent man however Haley is bad for us. 

One of my radio audience members most likely has the best thought. We ought to take legislators like Haley and offer them minister posts in remote nations with the goal that we don't need to get notification from them in our nation any more. 

In his words, "every potential irritation will be sent abroad." Trump ought to be advised not to send these "undesirables" to nations where connections are basic. They may fizzle us abroad as they have at home.