Trump announce surprise meeting with Mexican president


Donald Trump announced Tuesday night that he will meet Wednesday with the President of Mexico just hours before he is set to deliver a speech focused on immigration policy.

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“I have accepted the invitation of President Enrique Pena Nieto, of Mexico, and look very much forward to meeting him tomorrow,” Trump tweeted as reports swirled that Trump was mulling a last-minute trip to Mexico.

The office of the Mexican President confirmed in a tweet late Tuesday night that Trump had accepted Peña Nieto’s invitation and that the two will meet privately on Wednesday.

"We likewise need to hold up under as a top priority that the security of the United States is connected with the security of its neighboring nations," he said. "Also, this is the thing that we have fabricated. Also, I'll say it once more, this is the thing that we have been doing with the US government. We have a relationship of coordination, of joint effort and of collaboration in the region of security, correctly keeping in mind the end goal to have security in Mexico, to have security in the US and … we are excursion associates. We are vital accomplices working for security in North America." 

"Its absolutely impossible that Mexico can pay [for] a divider like that," he said. 

In a March meeting with a Mexican daily paper, Peña Nieto analyzed Trump's "strident talk" to Hitler and Mussolini's. 

"That is the manner by which Mussolini got in, that is the way Hitler got in. They exploited a circumstance, an issue maybe," the Mexican president said, by English interpretation by Reuters. 

Peña Nieto clarified those remarks amid a news meeting in June. 

"Hitler, Mussolini, we as a whole know the outcome," he said, by. "It was just a call for reflection and for acknowledgment, with the goal that we remember what we have accomplished and the immense arrangement still to accomplish." 

Peña Nieto included that the world is on occasion "gave political on-screen characters and political pioneers who expect populist and demagogic positions." 

While Trump has faltered in the most recent week on whether he will look to extradite all the undocumented foreigners living in the US back to their nations, he has adhered by his vow to fabricate a divider on the outskirt with Mexico and make the nation pay for it. 

Trump has already said he would pay for the divider by utilizing Mexico's financial increases through its exchange with the US. He has additionally debilitated to withhold settlement installments foreigners in the US send to relatives in Mexico and expanding charges for Mexican visa candidates. 

Clinton reaction 

Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton's crusade correspondences chief, issued an announcement taking after the declaration sketching out Trump's past negative remarks about Mexico. 

"From the main days of his battle, Donald Trump has painted Mexicans as "attackers" and crooks and has guaranteed to extradite 16 million individuals, including youngsters and US nationals," she said. "He has said we ought to drive Mexico to pay for his mammoth fringe divider. He has said we ought to boycott settlements to families in Mexico if Mexico doesn't pay up." 

She included: "What at last matters is the thing that Donald Trump says to voters in Arizona, not Mexico, and whether he stays focused on the part up of families and extradition of millions."

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