Trump accused Brack Obama of speeding up Citizenship Process “so they can vote”


Donald Trump on Friday blamed the Obama organization of speeding up the naturalization of migrants "so they can vote in the election" – apparently for his Democratic adversary, Hillary Clinton.

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The Republican presidential competitor made the comments amid a meeting in his Trump Tower workplaces in New York with five individuals from the National Border Patrol Council, a union speaking to cops guarding the fringe with Mexico.

The 18,000-part union has embraced Trump for the administration.

A union authority, Art Del Cueto, told the competitor that the preparing of undocumented settlers with criminal records had been hindered in light of the fact that migration officers were so bustling taking care of citizenship applications.

At the point when Trump inquired as to why they were doing as such, Del Cueto answered: "They need to pick up the pace and quick track them so they can simply ahead and vote in the race" on November 8.

"That is tremendous," the Republican applicant then said to columnists welcomed to sit in on a partition of the meeting. "They're giving individuals a chance to fill the nation so they can go and vote."

"It's a disfavor," the New York land head honcho included.

Trump appeared to have conflated two issues: the fear of secret outsiders and the years-long process required in the naturalization of archived migrants.

It is impractical to get American citizenship – and therefore the privilege to vote – quickly in the wake of entering the nation without records.

Neither Trump nor Del Cueto offered any proof to bolster their claim.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services office, not the Border Patrol, handles citizenship applications.

Contacted by a news agency, the police union could give no elucidation of Del Cueto's comments.

Be that as it may, Trump has frequently refered to the union's dissensions in advancing his arrangement for battling unlawful movement, and prominently for the development of a divider along the extensive outskirt with Mexico.

In the same way as other Republicans, he has likewise proposed that Democrats bolster an arrangement for the huge regularization of a great many the undocumented – essentially Mexicans – keeping in mind the end goal to profit by their votes in future races.

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