Trending shades of tresses


Ever get bored of your black ordinary strands of hair? Girls do get easily bored with same hair usually or get them short for some different look but, we are providing some stunning tips for your hair strands. You can look different without short hair too!

Blonde isn’t just a golden brown shade but it has variants also let’s take a look!

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Golden blonde: it’s also known as honey blonde, which most preferable color. This color has a more of a golden tone. It doesn’t contain a tone of red.

Platinum blonde: it’s not exactly brown but, a shade of white, it is suited much with light shade of skin. You can just take a step ahead from brown blonde shade to a lighter tone of color.

Dirty blonde:  this color is a combination of light and brown shade of brown. You can choose the lighter or darker shade for your hair and skin type.

Shades of red just like blonde there are various shades of red which is a blend of red and copper. Red is a high impact color, it immediately grabs the attention of people around you.

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Ruby red: it is a deep dark shade of ruby. You can definitely choose the dark and light shade of ruby red. Plus, you can just add a pinch of black color to your red for a deeper shade of ruby.  It is indeed a dramatic shade if applied on the shade of black.

Red copper: it is a rich blend of orange, red and brown. This color will suit more on light shade of skin.

Burgundy hair color: it is a shade of violet and dark red which looks way mesmerizing. The color burgundy is a shade taken from Burgundy French.