This Tree Brown Snake bites himself, dies after having his own poison


Perhaps you will not know but let me tell you similar to individuals animals also commit suicide. The most dangerous animal snakes also attempts suicide. In Australia, a toxic tree brown snake attempted suicide recently. After this incident the serpent expert has been in awe.

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Tree Brown Snake is a poisonous snake found mainly in Australia. The incident happened in front of Matt Hagan, who lives in Cairns, Australia, a snake catcher from the profession.

Matt Hagan told a website that he received a phone call from a woman in Earville that a 1.5 meter long tree brown snake was found outside his home. Typically when a tree brown snake  is outside the house, he goes away immediately in its own way and rarely sees it again. But according to the woman, the snake was sitting there for the last two hours, so she called Matt Hagan to come and catch this snake.

When Matt Hagan arrived there, he saw that the snake was still sitting there. But when he approached, they noticed that the snake had pressed his neck in his mouth and he had died.

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He examined him to know the cause of his death, and found that his death was due to his injecting the poison of his own body. It means that the snake has sued the body itself by cutting it.