Travelling with contact lenses is super easy


Travelling while having your contact lenses on can be little annoying at times. Bu on many purpose wearing glasses can be too old fashioned.

Being a Fashionista one can never think of leaving the house with those out dated glasses.
Some of us who prefer contact lenses over glasses can never think of travelling without the contact lenses.
Carrying contact lenses on trips can be a hectic thing sometimes but not now, we will tell you how to make your travel with the contact lenses super easy.

Decked up before your trip:

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It is very important to stock up on contact lenses before your trip. Keep your prescription with yourself to avoid any last minute crises. Although most brands of contact lenses are readily available in most global cities, so even though you know your power you will very likely be asked to sit an eye test before an optical retailer will supply your product. So if you know you are about to travel, it is advisable to ensure you have topped up your contact lens supply before you depart.
Keeping an extra pair of lenses will not cost you much and will work as a great help.


Keep them clean:
While travelling in highly trafficked public spaces, there is a greater chance to pick up bacteria or other germs on your fingertips and hands, being exposed to air-conditioned environments your lenses may dry out. This dryness can create the temptation to readjust your lenses mid-wear, which can cause whatever microscopic matter that was on your hands to be transferred to your eyes.
To maintain the safety and hygiene of your eye environment, it’s a good idea that whenever during travelling, always keep some hand sanitizer and tissues on hand to ensure that before you touch your lenses your fingers are as clean as possible. This helps to reduce unnecessary finger contact with your eyes, it can also be helpful to carry a compact mirror to help target your contact lens insertion, extraction and adjustment with more precision and hygiene


Different kind of contact lenses:

There are lots of different kinds of contact lenses – from daily ones to monthly ones, and even the kind you can sleep in!
Daily contact lenses are very convenient when you’re travelling because you don’t have to worry about packing contact lens solution when you wear them. This will give you additional space in your carry-on which is always a plus.
Dailies are also useful if you’ll be doing lots of water activities and worry that your contact lenses might get damaged. Extended wear contact lenses are usually made of silicone hydro-gel which is more breathable and supplies your eyes with more oxygen. If you’re conscious about the well being of our planet, also consider that monthly lenses translate into considerably less waste.


Travel sized solution pack:

Travel-sized bottles of contact lens solution are amazing if you’re a light packer and like to travel with a carry-on only. These are now widely available in most the cities and are the size of 100 ml.
Shortage of lenses solution can give you major troubles because it might be possible that the brand of solution that you prefer may not be available in local market so it is advised to keep travel size solution pack with you.

No contact lenses during Flight:

Top of the list is to try and limit wearing your contact lenses during a flight. Disposable contact lenses are predominantly made of water, with some contact lenses comprising up to 69% water content. As you may have experienced, during air travel your skin and eyes tend to dry out due to the dry atmosphere on board a plane. In most air conditioned buildings the relative humidity sits between 40 to 70%, while in an aircraft the average humidity can get as slow as 20%. So your contact lenses will dry out and distort during a flight. Our general recommendation is not to wear your contact lenses on a long haul flight and definitely take them out if you plan to sleep on a long haul flight.


Give your eyes a vacation, too:

While you’re travelling, you might also consider giving your eyes a vacation as well. Competing with different time zones and surroundings, many travelers get sub-optimal quantity and quality of sleep, which can affect the comfort and health of your eyes. Getting a good 8-10 hours sleep, taking a day off wearing contact lenses, and keeping your body hydrated, can make a major difference to your contact lens experience while you’re away from home.
Keep a cute box for storing your contact lenses separate from the fresh ones. Follow these tips while travelling and you are good to go!

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