Train Company issues uniform to loving Dog, photographs viral


UK’s Virgin Trains unveiled its latest uniforms for staff members on Thursday. Though, a specially made uniform was prepared for a dog.

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The dog has been found as 14-year-old Jake, a Collie-German Shepherd. Since nine years, he has been a habitual at Stafford Station.  He loves to sit down and see trains passes by. At times, he loves to woof at them and shakes his tail.

“Jake’s always had a love and fascination for Virgin’s trains, he doesn’t bark for any other! His daily trip to the station is a real highlight for him,” assured his human.

Thus, when the train company created their latest uniforms, the dog couldn’t abscond at the rear their most faithful admirer.

“As a reward for his devoted service, aside from his favourite doggy snacks, the design team set out to make Jake his own bespoke dog-friendly uniform, carefully measuring him from furry head to trainspotting tail to create a fetching look that would suit his unique personality and shape,” the company affirmed.

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The dog adorned specially made blue, red and white uniform. The photographs of dog has gone viral on the social media.